Technima Benelux innovates, undertakes and always strives for joint profit. In doing so, we can rely on a strong foundation of knowledge, experience and a professional organization. With this we deliver today the solutions of tomorrow.

Technima is a global player in the field of spray cans. With more than 400 employees, the group has a production capacity of more than 65 million spray cans per year. From this strong position, we are continuously looking at opportunities and possibilities in the future. We continue to develop the delivery program and further expand and deepen the range. We do this on the basis of a structurally innovative R&D policy and market-oriented ambitions. Our focus? Customer-oriented thinking and acting and delivering returns. That's what counts. 

Technima Benelux stands for solution-oriented and innovative entrepreneurship. We offer a unique recipe, a competitive price for the best quality, deliveries from stock, extensive customized solutions and professional service and advice.

Technima Benelux is a household name. As an independent company. As a leading organization with more than 25 years of entrepreneurship in the professional market for industrial paints, marking paints, marking accessories, technical sprays, cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Solution-oriented and Innovative Entrepreneurship

In doing so, our employees speak your language. They know what is going on and your requirements and wishes are known to them. As well as your way of working. From product properties to application possibilities. Our people have an enormous amount of product experience, product and market knowledge. We know what you are talking about. The difference? Clear information, specialized technical advice and active sales support.

Our value

As a manufacturer and distributor, we value our relationship with our customer. That's why we like to really get to know our customers. This is how we build a strong relationship together. We always do this with the right attention and appropriate commitment. 

We speak and listen to our clients. We do so with full attention to share our knowledge and experiences. Our vision is clear and unambiguous. We are always open to your ideas, your wishes and your goals. We think along in structural solutions that go far beyond just selling and delivering. We do so critically, sharply, openly and transparently. This is the only way to create a relationship we can both trust.

Always quality

Quality depends on research, knowledge, experience and the clout to keep developing and innovating. This is how we guarantee the quality of our products. And do you need your own product with the same quality? Welcome to Technima Benelux.

Technima Benelux controls the entire development and manufacturing process. Thereby we opt for the very highest quality requirements (a.o. IS0-certified) in the field of material, safety and sustainable raw materials. That actually speaks for itself. Because only from this quality can we build long-term relationships with our customers.


As a manufacturer, we also offer our customers the option of making products according to your own specifications. From recipes, the raw materials, testing, selection and development. We manufacture and deliver your own quality product, in private label if desired. Speaking of customization ...

Always optimal

Technima Benelux offers many advantages by continuously optimizing our products and services. In doing so, we do not shy away from any challenge. Indeed: in this way our customers are always assured of the very best quality. And that's what counts!

From complete assortment, easy to use, clean and efficient work, perfect quality and time saving to the sharpest possible lines for inside and outside. Technima Benelux offers endless advantages. And we don't just do that.

We place great value on development, innovation and our continuous focus on the future. This attitude translates into a strong and internationally recognized brand. All of these advantages are directly applicable to our product range.

  • Industrial coatings
  • Zinc sprays
  • Marking paint (aerosols, cans)
  • Marking accessoiries (infra supplies)
  • Technical sprays

Maximum return

PRO-Paint has grown into an internationally recognized brand in 15 years. With a wide range of industrial paints, zinc sprays, marking paint and marking accessories, among others. Counted among the best in their category by professionals in industry, construction and infratechnology.

PRO-Paint products are distinguished by their high-quality raw materials, durable properties and cost-effectiveness. PRO-Paint gives what professionals demand: high-quality innovative products, competitive prices, fast deliveries and maximum efficiency. The products are distinguished by ease of use, minimal preparation times and immediate results. PRO-Paint offers solutions for the very long term.

Optimal result

The same goes for PRO-Tech. With a wide range of protective and cleaning agents, lubricants and specialties for maintenance, repair and assembly.

With PRO-Tech, professionals are assured of high-quality innovative products, competitive prices and fast deliveries. This applies to large quantities and to customization. It starts with the careful selection of raw materials for technical and sustainable properties.

The products are also distinguished by ease of use, short preparation times and quick results. This is the basis for higher productivity, time savings and lower labor costs. The optimum protective properties ensure greater operational reliability and a longer service life for tools and equipment.

Strong brands

With the brands Soppec and Mercalin Technima Benelux offers a wide range of diverse marker paints for various applications in industry, construction, infra, geodesy and forest management, among others.

Soppec's product range includes Soppec Construction (construction and infra), Soppec Forest (forestry), Soppec Line (marking) and Soppec Events (sports and events).

The Mercalin brand consists of the following assortment:

  • Mercalin Asphalt Marker (infra)
  • Mercalin RS (construction, industry, geodesy)
  • Mercalin Marker Fluo (construction, industry, geodesy)
  • Mercalin TS (events)