Mercalin RS marking spray paint


Mercalin RS is a versatile marking spray for use in the construction of roads, buildings, tunnels, mines and in geodesy. This worksite marker is primarily used outdoors. Its safety cap and 360° nozzle make Mercalin RS marking spray easy to use. Mercalin RS can be used on a variety of surfaces (even damp ones) such as asphalt, concrete, grass, gravel, wood, rock and ice.

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Data sheet

Application domain spray marking - worksites, earthworks, mapping, picketing, pipelines, roadways, tracking....
Product type marking paint - construction, Fluorescent paint, marking paint - multidirectional
Application area Concrete, Bitumen, wood, gravel, Grass, minerals, plastic, plasterwork, sand, metallic surface, synthetic
Marking time 1 year
Volume 500 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans

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Properties of Mercalin RS builders’ paint

  • Usable on a wide range of surfaces suchas concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel, sand, stone and wood
  • Very robust safety cap that can be opened using only onehand
  • Drying time: 10min.
  • Coverage: excellent
  • Marking duration: 9–12 months (dependingon the surface and applicationconditions)
  • Usage temperature range: -20°C to 50°C
  • A wide range of different non-fluorescentcolours
  • Aerosol cans with gross volume 650 ml and net volume 500 ml. 1 box contains 12 cans.

Specifications of the Mercalin RS builders’ paint

Health and safety

No paint mist or drips during use.
CLP labelling with a single pictogram.


H222 Extremely flammable aerosol.
H229 Pressurised container: May burst if heated.

picto inflammable


Safety Data Sheet