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Chewing Gum Freezer


PT 1028

PRO-Tech Chewing Gum Freezer is a high-quality, effective tool for removing chewing gum from cladding, flooring and paving. Due to the local freezing of the chewing gum, it is hardened and can then easily be removed with a knife or spatula.

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Data sheet

Application domain cleaning, care and maintenance, substrate preparation
Product type technical product - cleaner, technical product - other
Application area Concrete, Bitumen, wood, gravel, plastic, metallic surface, synthetic, fabric, plasterwork, minerals
Volume 400 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans

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Description of the PRO-Tech Chewing Gum Freezer

PRO-Tech Chewing Gum Freezer is a high-quality effective tool for removing chewing gum from upholstery, fitted carpetand paving. By local freezing, the chewing gum is hardened and can easily be removed with a stripping knife or spatula.


Applications of the PRO-Tech Chewing Gum Freezer


  • Paving
  • Upholstery
  • Clothing
  • Floor covering


Properties of the PRO-Tech Chewing Gum Freezer

Handy, effective means of removing chewing gum quickly and easily from upholstery, carpeting and paving, among other things. The spray freezes and hardens the chewing gum, which can therefore easily be removed with a knife or spatula. Can not be missed in any cleaning company, public place or company.



  • Paving
  • Clothes
  • Upholstery
  • Fitted carpet


Product references

  • User-friendly
  • Directed spray pattern
  • Fast working
  • Briefly lowers the temp. to -40°C


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Contents : 400 ML
  • Base : Propane-Butane
  • Appearance : Gas
  • Propellant : Propane-Butane
  • VOC-CH % : 100%
  • VOC-EU g/l : 550 g/l
  • Specific gravity (g/ml 20°C) : 0.550
  • Vapour pressure at 20°C : 4.2-4.8 bar
  • Spraying flow rate : 0.7 g/sec


Instructions for use

Before use, carefully read the instructions on the packaging and act accordingly.

The aerosol can should be at room temperature. The ideal processing temperature is 5 to 30°C. Shake aerosol can well. Spraying distance approximately 5 cm from the object. Before use check whether the product is suitable for the surface by testing it on a sample. Briefly press nozzle severaltimes and aim directlyon the chewing gum until the chewing gum is frozen. Now scrape off the chewing gum with e.g. a stripping knife or spatula and suck small pieces with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the treatment if required. Remove any adhesive residue with white spirit.


Safety Data Sheet