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Spray glue


PP 0703

Spray glue is suitable for gluing paper, foils, metal, rubber, cardboard, wood, textiles and various types of plastics.  For permanent and temporary adhesion. The aerosol adhesive is fast, efficient and economical to use.

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Data sheet

Application domain substrate preparation
Application area metallic surface, synthetic, plastic, fabric
Product type technical product - other
Volume 500 ml
Packaging Box of 12 cans

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  • Paper
  • Aluminium foil
  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Stone
  • Screening for asbestos removal
  • Cardboard box
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Different types of plastic
  • Cellular concrete


  • Suitable for large surfaces
  • Efficient
  • Fast drying
  • No lumps
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Correctable in a short time


Product characteristics

  • Suitable for large surfaces
  • Quick drying
  • Easy to use and use
  • Correctable for a short period of time
  • Effective
  • No lumps
  • Suitable for many substrates


Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Contents : 500 ML
  • Base : Styrene-butadiene rubber, resins and hydrocarbons
  • Appearance : Light, slightly murkyliquid
  • Propellant : Propane-Butane
  • VOC-CH % : 83%
  • VOC-EU g/l : 588 g/l
  • Specific gravity (g/ml 20°C) : 0.707
  • Vapour pressure at 20°C : 4.5 bar
  • Spraying flow rate : 1.2 g/sec
  • Storage / Shelf life : At least 12 months in tightly closed original packaging on dry, cool and frost-free place.
  • General : Do not use below 5°C. Do not use outside if threatening rain, frost or in the full sun. Never place aerosol can on heat source.


Instructions for use

Before use, carefully read the instructions on the packaging and act accordingly.

The surface should be clean, dry and free of grease. The aerosol can should be at room temperature. The ideal processing temperature is from 5 to 30°C. Shake the aerosol can well for 2 minutes before use. Distance to the surface to be treated should be approximately 25 to 30 centimetres. Apply the spray adhesive equally. When treating porous surfaces, apply a somewhat thicker layer of spray adhesive and press the surfaces together. After use, clean the valve (turn aerosol upside down and press the nozzle for approximately 5 seconds).



Safety Data Sheet