Fluo TP fluorescent worksite marker soppec
  • Fluo TP fluorescent worksite marker soppec
  • Fluo TP fluorescent worksite marker soppec
  • Fluo TP fluorescent worksite marker soppec
  • Fluo TP fluorescent worksite marker soppec
  • Fluo TP fluorescent worksite marker soppec

FLUO TP Hydro Water Based Marking Spray Paint

Regulations, health, safety and Advice

Reference : 143513

Same performance as the FLUO TP marking paint

  • Formulated with 20% water
  • 20% less VOC
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FLUO TP Hydro Water Based Marking Spray Paint

Color: Red
Volume: 500 ml

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Advantages of the FLUO TP Hydro water-based marking paint 

The performance of the market leader (FLUO TP) with less impact

  • Immediately visible from a great distance (> 50 m), it allows site operators to work with precision and safety, even from the top of a crane.
  • With the highest concentration of pigments on the market, it has an exceptional covering power, in a single application.
  • The visibility is immediate and contrasted but above all the marking remains visible for a long time.
  • Reliable and safe, it ensures 100% of its function as a marking and writing tool: its unique formula prevents the valve from clogging and allows it to be always ready.
  • The available pressure guarantees a strong projection and a precise spray.
  • The FLUO TP Hydro construction marking paint has an unmatched performance and marks up to 104 symbols or 80 linear meters per can.
  • The patented safety cap with a lockable nozzle that can withstand a 1.50 m drop onto concrete gives it the robustness required for worksite conditions.
  • Formulated and manufactured in France, it benefits from a total traceability of components and products which is the guarantee of a certified quality.
  • FLUO TP Hydro guarantees a precise and powerful marking whatever the working conditions, from -15°C to +50°C.
  • Always looking for products that mark better and improve user safety, Technima has developed a unique formula that replaces a significant portion of solvents with water (20%).
  • FLUO TP claims to have always had only one hazard pictogram related to its nature as a flammable aerosol - this is also the case for FLUO TP Hydro.
  • Because those involved in construction and marking must also contribute to reducing their impact on the environment, FLUO TP Hydro guarantees the performance of FLUO TP with 20% less VOC*.
  • The reduction of VOCs allows for a significant reduction in odors.

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Data sheet

Product type
marking paint - construction, marking paint - water based, Fluorescent paint
Application area
Synthetic, Plastic, Metal, Woods, Minerals, Sands, Gravels, Grass, Bitumens, Concrete
Marking time
12 months
500 ml
Box of 12 cans
Application domain
Mapping, tracking, picketing